The autumn rains begin to fall, the creeks they are arising

From white skinned rocks, to slippery green, the change is so surprising

It's Brood stock time, the Chum are here, let's get the crew together

We're off to Rosewall girls and boys, regardless of the weather

With waders, gloves, good balance too – let's hit the creek a-runnin’

Keep the leadline down, let the cork line drift, we're not here for the funnin’

The beaters are splashing, the Chum teeth are knashing – Hey Fingers – are you all still attached ?

The net comes alive, much splashing and thrashing let's close it up quick as we can

Get the full tummied does – straight into the bag, zip it up, get another, thats the plan

After set 4, we're starting to drag, some even act a bit silly

Lets head for the barn, it's time for a beer, and some of our Judy's chilli

-- Dick Walters, December 2009