The River Never Sleeps Festival 2010 April 25

St. John's Ambulance setting up on left
Display Setup at 10:00; St. John's Ambulance setting up on left.

John B. playing with Dave Davies' toys
John B. playing with Dave Davies toys.
Judy the traffic cop
Judy, the traffic cop.
Supporters Supporters of the Festival Nursery sign 1   Tour times.   Nursery sign 2 
Our own little nursery.

1. DFO - Pacific Streamkeepers Federation,
Manager of Program for DFO: ZoAnn Morten. (Zoom in to read poster.)
   Pacific Streamkeepers  Pacific Streamkeepers 1  Pacific Streamkeepers 2  Pacific Streamkeepers 3  

2. St. Johns Ambulance Volunteers - Larry O'Brien and Samantha Schoenfelder
St. Johns Ambulance

3. Little River Enhancement Society - Gord and Sonja Tucker
3ittle River  LittleRiver 2  Little River 3    Little River 3  

4. Mid-Vancouver Island Habitat Enhancement Society - Faye Smith

5. Nile Creek Enhancement Society - Lynn and Jack Gillen

6. Brooklyn Creek Watershed Society, - Ken Derksen
NCES2  BrooklynCreekGroup

7. Hart Watershed Society - Julie Whitman, Darcy Rainey, Bob Grant
Hart   Hart3  Hart4

8.  Fanny Bay Salmonid Enhancement Society - Rodney Jones, Bill French

9. Barbecues - Oyster Chefs Jack Newman, Jean-Michel, Hamburger/Hot dog Chefs Roy Shields, Finn Keim, Luc
BBQ1  BBQ2  BBQ3   
10. Tickets, Buns, Beveridges, etc. - Karen Forster, Tanya, Melanie, Norma
11. Vancouver Island University, Fisheries and Aquaculture - Kayla Mohns, Pat O'Reilly, Dan Fox, Dave Clough
12. Nile Creek Enhancement Society - Eelgrass Habitat Restoration and Touch Tank - Alison Bakker, Diane Sampson
NCES2   NCES3   Geoduck  uck!  scallop  
13. School Projects, face Painting - Hart Creek Watershed Society - Shauna
  More education    
14. Fish Painting (DFO Puntledge) - Naomi, Tiffany, Sandy, Laura Terry
15. Alberni Valley Old-Time Fiddlers
16. Demonstration of Stream Damage - Dave Davies (DFO liason w/enhancement societies) with assistance by "forester" John Bradbury John Bradbury constructing model stream  Dave Davies with model stream Dave Davies & Client   Pictorial map   Asphalt runoff into stream   Logging road building

17. Pictures drawn by Qualicum Beach Elementary students - on the wall in the hatchery meeting room.
School projects   School projects in hatchery meeting room  more ...   Qualicum Beach Elementary ...

We realised later that some tables were outside the main concourse, and were missed.  Likewise, we did not get the name of the fly-fishing instructor.
We apologise for these omissions -- nwe