John and Helen Bradbury's Going Away Party 2011.06.19

Helen told John they were going to Finn's 70th birthday party.  It would be the final visit to the hatchery.

When John turns around, we all break into song "For he's a jolly good fellow ..."

and he suddenly realised he had been had.

Several minutes later, it is still sinking in.

Congatulating Finn on his birthday.  Finn informs John "It's not my birthday".  John "So what do I do with your birthday card?"

John has something in his eye.

Not shown: Brenda'a rum cake.

John: "But officer, I only had one piece of cake!"  (We'll miss that humour.)

Pam: "What is your new address?" 

Helen: "Hmm! John?"

John (after a pause): "Invermere!"

The lovely couple.  One last pose.

Many thanks to those who brought food and libations.

And special thanks to Pam & Lise for the marvelous organisation.